Goals of the Alumni Program


Build a global social-professional alumni network.

Facilitate reconnection with the Alma Mater and fellow alumni and promote networking. Connect former and current students for professional purposes. Offer insight into the present life of the Medical School and provide updated information on the current education, scientific work and research projects.

Strengthen Brand loyalty.

Foster the establishment of regional Alumni chapters (volunteer-led groups stationed in different countries).

Ambassador Program

The University of Pécs Medical School would like to maintain a close relationship with alumni living and working in Europe and overseas and to help them foster relationships with other UP MS graduates in their area.

As an International Alumni Ambassador, you can support the international work of UP MS in your home country through:

Sharing your experiences with prospective students - Many international students who arrive at Pécs have only had a limited chance to find out about the city and the University and what it is really like to live and study in the Hungary. Future students would value the opportunity to be able to talk directly to former students from their own countries, receive practical advice and hear personal experiences.

Marketing the UP MS experience to prospective students - By supplying us with a short testimonial about your time at our Medical School (and a photo if you would like), you can help us promote and market UP MS to prospective students in our leaflets, brochures and on our websites. Also contributing posts to our Alumni Facebook page

Helping to create networks and organise activity with fellow UP MS alumni - In your capacity of Ambassador you are going to receive information regarding various events such as Alumni Meetings, Informal Dinners, Exhibitions and Symposia that promote the cohesion of alumni, students and teachers of the Medical School. Please, keep your contact with us updated, and help us sending the information about the aforementioned events to your fellow alumni and students.

Assisting in the recruitment of students - The UP MS also have overseas representatives in many countries and these occasionally organise alumni events, senior officer visits and meetings with alumni or request alumni to help with recruitment fairs etc.

Advising UP MS staff who are visiting -Your local and national knowledge could be invaluable to those Medical School staff planning to travel to your home country.

How & why to volunteer

Who may become an Alumni Ambassador? -If you studied at and graduated from UP MS, you are more than welcome apply to become an Alumni Ambassador.

What’s required of me if I become an Ambassador? -You can volunteer as much or as little time as you can spare. You are welcome to tell us whether you have the time to help with a particular activity as and when we approach you.

How does the Ambassador programme work?

If you volunteer to be an International Alumni Ambassador, your name, graduation year and email address will be entered onto our International Alumni Ambassador database.

Prospective students will then have the opportunity to contact the Admissions Office with questions for the Ambassador from their country. We will then forward any emails we receive from potential students to the appropriate Ambassador.

You will also be added to the Ambassador Map of the alumni website (you may choose whether to include your email address on the website).