Dean's Greeting

The Faculty of General Medicine at the Univertsity of Pécs is the only internationally recognised centre for medical, dental and pharmacological education in the Trans-Danubian region of Hungary. MSc in biotechnology as well as medical translation and interpretation are our recently launched majors.

The Faculty's slogan 'Chance favours the prepared mind' (Louis Pasteur) duly indicates that we lay special emphasis on the quality of education. Erudite students are our best trade mark. We are pleased that the number of freshmen admitted to the Faculty has remarkably increased in the past decade and we take pride in attracting students from 52 countries of the world.

Despite the rapid technical development and an ever-increasing degree of specialisation, medicine remains one of the most direct branches of sciences based on interpesonal relations including instructor-student and patient-physician interactions. With this principle in mind, we wish to use and further develop our teaching methodology. The outstanding results of our student researchers in the past decade can partially be attributed to this work style. We encourage and support our students in spending their clerkship in widely-recognised institutions of other developed countries of Europe.

Students graduating from our Medical Faculty are tightly related to the alma mater. Our alumni network has been successful for several decades and we have also been striving to attract them to join our postgraduate, doctoral and medical specialisation programmes.

We do our best to further raise the standards of our education and facilitate more and more opportunities for enjoyable and useful free-time activities on the Campus.

We are more than convinced that our students, prepared for the most beautiful professions and equipped with a competitive degree, will have plenty of wonderful perspectives opening up in several countries of the world.

With best regards,
Prof. Attila Miseta, MD