Romina B. Berg

Norway, graduate of 2019

After graduation I had to send all of my papers and documents for approval to the Norwegian Directorate of Health.  In this way I could get my Norwegian Authorisation and License to legally work as a dentist in Norway. This should usually take around 3 months. In the meantime I worked as a dental assistant, then I was able to take a small break from the studies and also learn the routines of a dental clinic, it also looks great on your CV. I highly recommend to do this to anyone who is in the beginning of their career. Especially if your country if origin is different than the country you got your diploma from. Routines, materials and principles of treatment could be very different.

Practice: Sunn Tannhelseklinikk, Lillestrøm (10 min from Oslo),


Alexandra Davies

United Kingdom, graduate of 2013

Since graduation, in addition to working full time, Alexandra committed to studying a part-time MSc at the University of Manchester in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry, receiving distinction in her assessments. When she returned to her associate position after a short period of maternity leave, she continued to collect cases and document them; Alexandra then decided to broaden her skill set further, by completing Invisalign Go training and starting her qualifications in Facial Aesthetics.

Practice: Burford Road Dental, Oxfordshire,, @dralexandradavies

In August 2018, Alexandra launched her own website and was featured as a UK winner in the CEOToday Healthcare Awards issue of CEOToday Magazine. Following this publication, three other accolades were awarded: 1. Most Influential Woman in Facial Rejuvenation Treatments in Buckinghamshire, by Acquisition International: 2018 Influential Business Woman Awards. 2. UK Winner: Gamechanger of the Year and 3. Uk Winner: Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry Practice of the Year, both by ACQ5 Gamechanger Awards 2018: Healthcare/Pharmaceutical/Biotech & Medtech. The end of 2018 saw the Davies family relocate to Oxfordshire, where Alexandra temporarily worked in a mixed practice in Abingdon, in which she continued to develop her aesthetic and restorative portfolio. 

In May 2019 Alexandra took a position at Long Hanborough Dental Practice in Witney, where she focused on holistic cosmetic approaches to her patients needs. Her extensive training portfolio also gained two further Facial Aesthetic Qualifications in Sunekos and BioRePeel. In September, the final stage of Alexandra's MSc began with her dissertation and she settled into a practice in Carterton.

During the Spring of 2020, Alexandra was awarded her MSc in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry by the University of Manchester. 

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Aristotelis K. Sotiriadis

Greece, graduate of 2013

Following my graduation, I served in the Greek military as a medical private with specialization in Dentistry at a military hospital in Athens, Greece. Upon completion of my service I began my PhD at the Medical School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece and at the same time I started working at my father’s private clinic which I took over 2 years later after his retirement.

Practice: A.Sotiriadis Dental Practice, Athens, Greece,

Since then, I have been attending a large number of seminars on oral surgery, periodontology, implantology, prosthetics and facial cosmetics improving my skills and knowledge continously providing the best quality of treatment that my patients deserve.

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Chiara Barbera

Messina, Italy, graduate of 2014

After graduation I went back to my home city and started working in my father’s dental Office as general dentist. A couple of years later I started my amazing trip to the Orthodontic world. Nowadays I'm working in Messina as general dentist and orthodontist, in the North Italy as orthodontist with my team GOT.

Practice: Studio dentistico Barbera, Messina, Sicily,  

Day by day I fall in love with my profession, changing smiles and lifes is heart warming. My alma mater taught me that learning is a never ending process but we have to enjoy it, be grateful and never forget to smile. 

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Yeji Lee

Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary, graduate of 2016

Since graduation, I got to treat many international patients. For example, Austrian, German, English, French, American, Slovakian, and Korean. The fact that the clinic is located close to neighbouring countries allows me to have this opportunity.

Practice: HD Dental clinic, Mosonmagyaróvár, Kert ut 21,

In the beginning I struggled with how to communicate properly with patients personally. Communications skill is key factor as a part of treatment process. You should never forget that you are not only dealing only with illness but also human beings. Learn as much as possible from the University but prepare yourself that there will be more to pick up in after school practice.

In our clinic, we treat patients from worldwide. We tried to satisfy the needs from patients by case to case personally. We also spend long enough time to discuss about what is the best treatment option for the patient. The facility is modern and full of the latest machines. The bond between dentists and assistants are also strong.

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Negar Nora Tabari

USA, graduate of 2014

After graduating from PTE-ÁOK, I moved to the States, where I completed additional dental training and my dental boards. Subsequently, I attended Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, to pursue pediatric specialization.

I am truly grateful to have joined a well-established pediatric dental practice where I can help bring a smile to the children of our community.


Navid Masoumi

Norway, graduate of 2016

I experienced the transition from university life towards the professional life, like an unprocessed slap to my face. Going through the stages of, “Yes I'm finished!” to feeling the weight of responsibility in the matter of days after graduation. But the bonus of being graduated from POTE was that no matter what,  I was ready for that slap, so I guess everyone else. 
I kickstarted my career in Vienna with a major focus in prosthodontics in private sector.  After a year I moved to Norway and started as a dentist in public sector, dealing with a number of diverse cases in the district´s clinic. I am currently the head of the clinic and also working as a supplementary dentist at the competence center of a neighboring county in the same region. I picked up an interest in dental & oral traumatology, which I am currently advancing at. I also enjoy working with special needs groups at the local clinic and hospital, mostly under sedation or general anesthesia. I am glad to work with patients from all ages and dealing with all sorts of cases, from basic examination to surgery with a multidisciplinary team.


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Sergios Xyrichis

Cyprus, graduate of 2015

I was lucky enough after graduating to get a chance to work alongside another Hungary graduate here in Cyprus. I guess studying in Hungary, whichever city, creates a connection between people! Since then we've managed to grow the practice from just the 2 of us into including 4 general dentists on a regular basis and a visiting orthodontist! I consider myself extremely lucky for working next to great people I can not only call colleagues but also friends! One of the other dentists is also a POTE graduate!:)

Practice: Dentistar Dental Clinic, Nicosia, Cyprus, / Dentistar Dental Clinjc/ @dentistarcy

I’m very grateful for everything I’ve learned and experienced at Pécs! I can’t wait for this pandemic to be over so we can visit the city again!

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Areti Tzirtzipi

Cyprus, graduate of 2018

Right after graduation I was contemplating whether I should start working at my home country or explore my horizons in other parts of Europe. The last year and a half have been a transitional period starting off as a newly graduated dentist, working as an employee in a clinic here in Cyprus.

Practice: Dentistar Dental Clinic, Nicosia, Cyprus, / Dentistar Dental Clinjc/ @dentistarcy

Since last July I got an offer to work  in a Dental clinic together with other Hungary graduates. In fact, one of them is among the first people I met in Pecs 8 year ago and we became close friends ever since. I feel happy and blessed to work there not only because I enjoy what I am doing but I also like the place and people I am working with. I still communicate with my classmates from Pecs University on a daily basis, sharing thoughts, questions and experiences.

Two years after my graduation I still opt to continue my education and enter a dental residency program in Paediatric dentistry since it was one my favourite practices at the University.

I’m very happy and proud to be a POTE graduate. I have visited Pecs once after graduation and I am  looking forward to another trip soon.

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Arrun Nesarajah

Norway, graduate of 2017

After graduation I ended up moving to Germany due to personal reasons. I spent months learning German which was necessary to get the German license to work as a dentist, known as “Approbation”. During this time period I was lucky enough to be able to observe how they worked in a dental clinic nearby the language school I was visiting. 

As I finished the course I applied for a job at this clinic and started working there. This was quite challenging in the beginning as I was used to having a teacher or professor to ask if I was uncertain of certain procedures. Suddenly I had to be able to take my own decisions and be able to defend why I chose this therapy method instead of another. Luckily we get to train on situations like this during our studies in Pécs, but it’s still a comfort to have someone to guide you or confirm that the therapy you chose was a good one. I worked in this clinic for about a year before I got an offer to work in a different dental practice, here I got to expand my knowledge and was able to test myself in a broader aspect. My advice to the who’s graduating is to use the first couple of years to collect as much experience as possible. Widen your horizons if you’re not sure in which field you want to work. Having a broad understanding of Dentistry will make u a better clinician for later in life. After working in Germany I decided to move back to Norway where I’m currently working in a government practice where the main aspects of treatment go under pediatric- and geriatric dentistry.

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Mani Shakibpour

UK, graduate of 2011

Since I graduated POTE – I have spent most of my time working in general practice in the UK.

The strong fundamental knowledge that was instilled in me by my peers at POTE – helped me overcome the bigger hurdles when you just graduate dental school.

Professionally I have been able to pass the exam and gain the Diploma of Membership of the Joint Dental Faculties at The Royal College of Surgeons of England.

I had great fun, enjoyed my stay at POTE – and have made life long friends with those who started the joiurney together with me at the university.

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Ramona Ghasemi

Canada, graduate of 2012

Following my graduation from Pecs in 2012 and moving back to Canada, I did a series of exams in order to qualify as a foreign trained dentist in order to be able to practice dentistry in Canada.  In order to obtain my Canadian degree, I went on and completed 2.5 year at University of Toronto in the International Dentist Advanced Placement Program.  

Practice: Ayr Dental, Ayr, On, Canada,, @Ayr_Dental

After graduating from this program in 2016, I worked in a wonderful office as an associate for 1.5 years.  In 2018, I decided to leave that position in order to purchase my own dental practice.  Since then I have been the owner dentist in a small town in Ontario called Ayr.

I truly love being a dentist in a small community.  It allows me to really get to know my patients and form an amazing relationship with them.

I am currently engaged.  Our wedding was set to happen in August 2020.  However, due to the pandemic, it has been postponed to next year.  

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M Rasoul Moghaddam

Ireland, graduate of 2012

I had this honour to be awarded to join dental specialist program funded by Hungarian government right after graduation and be the first foreigner who received such opportunity.

Practice: Southgate Dental Clinic, Experts In Dental Excellence, Dublin Road-Drogheda, IRELAND,,

I completed most of my specialist training at Markusovszky University Hospital at maxillofacial surgery department. In 2015 for 9 months I had this opportunity to be trained by Prof. Dr. Olasz Lajos and also participate in educational programs for English program students of University of Pécs.

I was awarded my specialist degree in Oral Surgery in 2016 with ‘Excellent’ results.

After 12 years of living and working in Hungary I moved to Ireland but I left my soul and heart in Hungary and I couldn’t forget my attachment to Hungarian culture that I grew up for 12 years with. This led me to fall in love with a beautiful Hungarian girl. Now we are happily married and our daughter is my Hungarian treasure.

I am a registered specialist in the UK and Ireland and a member of Irish Association of Oral Surgery.

I have been working in an award wining multidisciplinary dental clinic in Ireland as a Dentist and Specialist Oral Surgeon.

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Maria Asif

Norway, graduate of 2019

It's been an adventure studying in Pecs. After my graduation I moved back to Norway. I got the job I love, I started working November 2019 in a small cozy practice where patients have been going for generations.

I work at a private practice, we are two dentists and one assistant. It’s a small practice in a small town called Stathelle.

Practice: Stahelle tannlegekontor, Stathelle, Bamble

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Camran Rewakhah

Netherlands, graduate of 2011

I was the first-generation English program which started in 2005, Even in my grade book it says general medicine since until last week before start of new education year it was not clear it will dentistry in English program or not. Long story short now we are celebrating 15th year of this great and highly respectful program. After my graduation it took around 3 months for me to get my registration number (BIG number) and become certified dentist in the Netherlands. 

Practice: tandarts praktijk Zilverkamp B.V., Huissen, Netherland,

I worked as free lancer dentist for 2.5 years and in August 2014 I took over a practice with 2800 active patients. Now the number of my patients are about 4800 and since last year I stopped accepting new patients. I opened my second practice in March 2019 but since I had an open-heart surgery in June 2019, I put second practice on hold. I owe everything to University of Pécs high levels of education and standards that make me a better dentist and I should say successful person in all aspects of my life.

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Iphigenia Ioannou

Cyprus, graduate of 2014

Right after graduating from PTE-AOK I came back to my home city and I was lucky enough to get a job straight away at the biggest private dental centre of Cyprus. It’s a blessing for me to work with a big team at Adamantio Dental Centre. It’s a comfort to have someone to guide you, have your back and help you at treatment plans and therapies, especially the first years of working that there is lack of experience.

Practice: Adamantio Dental Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus,

Now, I’m at that position to do the same at our new colleagues, as our team is growing, and I am now one of the owners of the clinic.

All this time I’ve been attending a large number of seminars, especially on implantology, prosthetics and aesthetic dentistry. Learning is a never-ending process. I try to be up to date and provide my patients with the best. 

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Min Soo Lee

Hungary, graduate of 2020

Right after my state exam, I applied for a job in Hungary and luckily, I found a job in one of the big dental tourism cities in Hungary. During my university years, I was interested in this region so right now I am more than happy that I can work as a general dentist here. It has been only a few months that I started working but every time I treat my patients and seeing they are free from the pain or getting a new pretty smile after the treatment, it's the most enjoyable part of my job.

To meeting a POTE Dentistry English program was one big part of the journey of my life and I am very thankful to our amazing teachers in clinic.

I wish more and more people can have opportunity to learn in POTE Dentistry English program.

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Amir Almassi

Hungary, graduate of 2016

Since graduation I worked in private dental offices near lake Balaton and Budapest. I was glad I could eventually put all the theory learnt in Pécs university years, into everyday work. Obviously, it’s very stressful at the beginning since working alone is much more challenging and nerve racking, than having a supervisor next to you, that you can always consult with. I worked very hard at the first 3 years and in the end, I felt so burned out and decided to resign from all 3 offices that I was working at and go on a backpack trip for 2 months!

When I came back, I decided to either start specialization in Hungary or move to another country to live! I worked as a general dentist in mostly all fields of dentistry and since I had a great passion for Oral surgery and had the chance to work with a Maxillofacial surgeon in one of the private clinics, decided to start specializing and now I’m second year resident in Pécs. I’m a registered dentist in Ireland and Norway but planned to stay and do my specialization here in Hungary since you get to work a lot and gain loads of experience. I think it’s a great choice to specialize but the end of the day you need to focus on the big picture and not narrow down your skills only into one field!

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Sina Vahidi

Germany, graduate of 2017

After graduation from PTE-ÁOK, I moved to Germany and I started to learn the German language, I had to take two Language exams (one general and one medical language exam) to get my Approbation and I did them in 9 months and I had a chance between to watch the treatments and the way how to contact with patients in Germany in a Dental clinic of my German friend, who also studied in Pecs for couple of years, so I made also good friends for life in the University. Nowadays I am working in Aschaffenburg as a General Dentist.

A szöveg ami nem fog látszani

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Elahe Zakeri

Hungary, graduate of 2018

After graduation from POTE I started working as a general dentist in a private clinic with little mentorship in Budapest. As a freshly graduated dentist, to put theoretical knowledge into practical work was tough. Then after a year I moved to another clinic where I found great mentors next to me. 

They were happy to share their experiences and tricks at any time. I really admire them who helped me to shape my dental career, gave me the confidence, took me under their wings, cheered me when I succeed and of course they were there to hear me when things did not go well.

So far being a general dentist was my decision, but my biggest goal is to get specialized in endodontics in one of my favourite universities, UCLA. I achieved everything what I worked hard for, so surely my goal will be achieved soon.

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Ali Rahbari

Hungary, graduate of 2018

After graduation from the University of Pécs Medical School, I started my profession as a dentist in Hungary in mixed offices. It was very stressful at the beginning as I had to learn the Hungarian language and of course at the same time face the real life in dentistry rather than theories and books, which were the main concern at university. 

Although it was hard and challenging in the beginning, I am so happy that I could meet many kind colleagues and learn a lot from them.

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Bálint Viktor Lovász

UK, graduate of 2016

Throughout my undergraduate studies, I developed a particular interest for Maxillofacial Surgery. So, as I finished Dentistry, I decided to continue my ‘affair’ with the Uni and enrol onto the General Medical Program. Looking back, I definitely bit off more than I had presumed. For a few months, I worked as a part time dentist at the University Clinic, but as I progressed with my medical studies and filled up my timetable, the requirements of Medical School and my research assumed priority.

Although I don’t regret choosing the path I did, I do miss greatly practicing general dentistry.

After graduating this Summer, I am now an ‘FY2’ trainee at Oxford University Hospitals, UK. My first few months here have been a tremendously steep learning curve but very educational and now I have applied to the speciality training program of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Regarding Oxford, the city itself is beautiful, in a lot of ways similar to Pécs.

All in all, I would not exchange my 9 years at the UPMS for anything. It gave me a career direction, purpose, great friends and a person to spend the rest of my life with.

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Mani Zabihi

Iran, graduate of 2017

After graduation I came back to Iran and prepared myself for a series of 3 exams in theory, preclinical and clinical studies.

It took me 2 years to pass all my exams and I was eventually entitled to work as a dentist. I started to work last year and now my profession means a lot to me. I have a remarkably successful career and I owe my success to POTE!

POTE directed our lives towards happiness. On behalf of all POTE graduates l'd like extend to them our grateful thanks.

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Mehrazin Faramarzian

Sweden, graduate of 2020

Right after graduation, I came to Sweden to study Swedish language and working as a general dentist.

I am looking forward to start my specialization soon.

A szöveg ami nem fog látszani

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Lin Li

Hungary, graduate of 2018

After graduation from the University of Pécs Medical School I got a job as a general dentist in a private clinic in Budapest. It was a tough transitional life period. 

Nowadays I'm working in another dental clinic which has a great international team. We are still getting stronger and I'm grateful with all their supports.

Practice: Royal Dental Clinic, Budapest.

A szöveg ami nem fog látszani

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Mehrdad Soheili

UK, graduate of 2014

Being 41yrs old and dad to two beautiful children, I was fortunate to graduate from POTE in 2014.

Within weeks of graduating, it was time to say goodbye to Pécs and moving back home to UK.

Completing paperwork and getting my GDC registration took few months.

After few interviews and applications. In 2015 started work as a general dental practitioner for an NHS/Private practice.

Over the years have expanded on different areas of dentistry and started really enjoying my endodontics. 

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Babak R. Samiei

Hungary, graduate of 2016

Right after graduation I moved to Budapest and started working. I was fortunate enough to work at one of the top dental offices in Budapest which was mainly Pediatric dentistry.

Even though I adore working with children I felt I needed a change and move to general dentistry. I work about 50 hours a week and tried to improve my skill and learn as much as possible.

Practice: Presidental Smile Fogászat,, 1126 Budapest, Németvölgyi út 16. Fszt 1

Meanwhile I did two dental mission with Global Dental Relief, one to Nepal where we treated around 1000 children and in 2019 to Kurseong India that was all ages and we could help 600 patients.

In January 2019 I decided to start my own private practice In Buda's 12th district and focus on aesthetic dentistry even though doing volunteer work is always my priority and go to.

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Farbod Asgharzadeh

Austria, graduate of 2015

Sziasztok! Graduation!! We had it but I didn’t know what’s next…a friend mentioned me this colleague in Austria that at the time was looking for a dentist.  Right after A job interview via Skype I moved to Kitzbühel, with a suitcase in one hand and The diploma in the other one.

Few weeks later my residence-permit was issued, and I was registered in the Austrian Dental Chamber, it was a good moment.

Pretty soon I moved to Vienna and worked with a maxiofacial surgeon, from whom I learned a lot  but since it was a part-time offer I managed to find another  job in Salzburg for the rest of the week where I could practice other branches  of dentistry. It was so fascinating to work at two different places with total distinct concepts, but there was a little problem… Salzburg was 300 km away from Vienna, and I did  not want to give up these chances...but special thanks to the  Express railway system that made this weekly trip possible and even enjoyable.

Time has flown by, years of working in Surgery, Endo, cons and prostho (mostly fixed) I started my own private office in June 2020 close to Salzburg. Together with a Hungarian Orthodontist who reinforces us regularly, the patients get well supplied in almost all fields of dentistry and we are happy to help people.

Thank you Pécs for this opportunity:)

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Avishan Faghihimehr

Iran, graduate of 2019

After graduation I went to Spain and I learned Spanish language.
Then I got job in Hungary, so I went back for 8 months. It was a big experience on my nice patients and feeling wonderful when I could make them happy after treatment. Then I came back to my hometown to do exams to be able to work in Iran. Meanwhile I am doing research by my supervisor in Virginia, USA, VCU department of implantology, and the topic is about how osteointegration will go on by different types of screws and abutments.


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